Tips and Tricks

This page will show you some cool things that you can do in iAnnotate that you may not have even known were there!

1. Making a Redaction Pen

  • Go to your toolbox and add a pencil to your toolbar. You'll want to immediately change the color to black or white and increase the thickness. Then, head to your document and start making changes!

2. Drag and Drop Documents

  • Press down on a document, using your other hand to press additional files if you'd like, then simply drag to another app, folder, or storage location!
Drag and Drop.jpg
Drag and drop 2.jpg

3. Download for Offline Access

  • In library view, click the bubble on the top left corner of the document thumbnail. Then, click the "..." button at the bottom of the screen and tap Download for Offline Access.

4. Convert Webpages to PDF

  • If you're surfing Safari and want to markup a webpage, press the share button in the upper right and choose Mark Up with iAnnotate. The page will be converted to PDF and sent to iAnnotate!

5. Gear Button

  • In library view, press the gear button in the top right corner. This will show you your version number, App Settings, your current Auto-Backup location, and more!

6. Two Document View

  • Tap on a file's tab, choose Two Document View, and enjoy working on two documents simultaneously.
Two doc.jpeg

7. Gestures

  • Tap with one finger to get rid of your tabs.
  • Tap with three fingers to get rid of your tabs and your toolbar.
  • To suspend a tool, scroll with two fingers. Then, continue annotating!

8. Custom Stamps

  • Make an annotation that you'd like to turn into a stamp. Then, tap that annotation, tap the stamp icon in the popup menu, and name the stamp!

9. Add and Deleting Tools from Your Toolbar

  • Tap the toolbox icon at the top of your toolbar, hold down the tool you'd like to add, and drag it to your toolbar.
  • To delete, tap the toolbox icon, hold down the tool you'd like to delete, and drag it to the trash icon.

10. Create a Custom Toolbar

  • Tap the toolbox, tap the plus sign at the top of the toolbar, and choose from a list of preset toolbars or choose "New Toolbar" to create one from scratch.

11. Use the Wrist Guard

  • When you tap an annotation tool, a popup menu appears. In this menu, there's an icon that looks like a hand pointing. Press this to turn on the wrist guard! This will prevent your palm from making any accidental annotations while you're working!

12. Selected Text Features

  • Press down on a word to trigger features like Speak, Dictionary, Google, Wikipedia, and Copy/Paste.

13. Flattening a PDF

  • When sharing your document, you see the default option to share as an Annotated PDF. This type of PDF is editable in PDF viewers. Choosing to send as a Flattened PDF, on the other hand, will make your annotations permanent!

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