Emmy-winning director of House, Lost, and his newest show, Banshee.

Greg Yaitanes is a powerful force in Hollywood, directing some of television's finest series, such as House, Lost, Heroes, Prison Break, and Grey’s Anatomy. His commitment to creating engaging television earned him an Emmy Award, but directing is only one of his passions.

Greg is also a tech enthusiast. An early investor in Twitter, Foursquare, and Pinterest, he’s always on the lookout for the next big thing. “I am constantly experimenting with cutting-edge digital technologies to streamline production costs, which is why iAnnotate immediately caught my attention,” Greg told us. “It enabled me to go paperless with scripts.” 


“I successfully used iAnnotate on House, and I am now using it on Banshee, Alan Ball’s [True Blood] new show,” Greg said. Banshee, which airs on Cinemax, revolves around Lucas Hood, a master thief posing as a small-town sheriff in Banshee, PA.

Banshee is currently filming in North Carolina, with the production team in California. Coordinating scripts between two cities is typically an immense effort, but Greg quickly put iAnnotate to use. By adding directions and notes to his scripts while filming, he can “seamlessly swap PDF files with [the] production team.” Greg adds, “I cannot think of a better combination than the iPad and iAnnotate when it comes to reading, annotating, sharing, and archiving scripts.”

Greg was one of the first users to work with us on improving the app. “It's been a privilege to be involved with [Branchfire] since the product’s early development, helping to tailor it to the film and television industry,” he says. The privilege was ours, Mr. Yaitanes, and we look forward to your continued success with Banshee and beyond. 


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